Welcome to Roaming Reptiles

Tracey Sandstrom established Roaming Reptiles in February 2003 in Victoria. Tracey is a teacher with 20 years teaching experience and 27 years Herpetological (reptile) experience.

Tracey wanted to put the "fun" back into learning whilst educating children and adults about the amazing reptiles we have here in Australia.

By educating young people and trying to "convert" older people, Tracey hoped they might realise among other things that:

  • Not all Australian snakes are venomous
  • They are not slimy (as they don't sweat)
  • Nor do they want to 'eat' humans.

Perhaps by understanding about these remarkable creatures and the way they fit into the environment, which humans are destroying, our future generations may strive to change their negative opinion of reptiles.

Roaming Reptiles has a variety of 'critters' available to bring to schools, kinders, groups and birthday parties. We have full public liability insurance. Our displays are perfect for a childrens animal party, school classroom reptile displays and school or community fetes.

We visit Geelong & the surrounding areas with our unqiue Reptile Display.

Why should you choose Roaming Reptiles?

At Roaming Reptiles our presenters are all keen herpetologists (reptile enthusiasts) who keep and breed their own reptiles.

Teachers design our programs and we pride ourselves on:

  • Fun crowd control
  • Encouraging participation
  • Child-centred programs
  • WE DON'T LECTURE to participants

Reptiles and Amphibians

We have the following animals:

  • 4 species of Lizards - such as blue-tongues, pink-tongues, stumpy tails and bearded dragons (Baby ones hatch annually). In the warmer months we bring their favourite food to feed them.
  • Snakes - pythons from 30cm - 2m
  • Turtles – 2 species. Ask about seeing them eat in a tub of water.
  • Crocodiles

Insects and Arachnids


  • King meal worms - these can be held. They’re wriggly & tickly!
  • Various Australian scorpions – they glow under a black light that we bring.
  • Red-back spiders – ask about showing your group the red backs eating an insect! It’s amazing.
  • Tarantulas (Bird Eating Spider) We also bring 15 exoskeletons. They’re so hairy!
  • Giant cockroaches - these can be held.

All the animals we display are Australian. (Because they're the best)

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