Static Displays

For school fetes, celebrations and fundraising events

A static display is where adults and children can safely touch live Australian reptiles in a supervised environment. We want people to experience close up, these beautiful animals. We take these animals to kinders for the children to touch and hold. We do not use venomous snakes.

    We bring:
  • Baby snakes – silky hatchlings
  • Medium snakes – a amazing variety of species.
  • Large snakes – The OMG size!
  • Turtles – One is swimming in his water. The other can be touched.
  • Various lizards - blue-tongues, pink-tongues, stumpy tails and bearded dragons (Baby ones hatch annually) They all feel different from each other.
  • Saltwater Crocodile – Yes, he has tape on his mouth. Only when he’s on display.
  • All animals can be touched.

If you've organised a static display with Roaming Reptiles, get your Poster Pack here

We have a lizard pit set up for children and keen adults to lean over and touch the lizards.

Some animals are in plastic containers (no glass) we get them out to be seen up REALLY close and touched.

We have $20 million full public liability insurance.
We bring 1-4 staff depending on the number of people anticipated.
We need to be inside (5x5m) in a quiet place, away from balloons, P.A. system or loud music.
If outside, we need a 5x5m marquee.
Please provide 4-6 tables for a fantastic display.

If your function is a fund raising event, we recommend charging $2-$3 for people to see and touch the animals.
Cheaper than a cup of coffee and less caffeine!
Participants get a free raffle ticket (provided by you) to win 1 of 4 prizes. We donate 1 real crododile tooth for each hour booked toward the raffle. If people pay, they value the experience more than a free display. You keep all the takings.

Cost: Ring us and find out.

When you have booked a Static Display, you will be provided a password to access FREE cartoon pictures of snake ad croc for promoting the event. You will also be able to download mini posters for you to add the details of your event to put in school/kinder newsletters for promotion. They can be printed A5 - A3

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